Frequently asked questions

Where do you ship?

We are based in Hong Kong and we ship worldwide. For more information on shipping, please head to our shipping policy page.

Where do you source your crystals from?

Our crystals hail from all over the globe, from Brazil and Argentina, to Madagascar and China. At this stage, we are not able to guarantee each piece is sourced ethically, but we are working towards having more clarity on this issue.

Do you have a physical location?

As of now, we are not showcasing our collection offline -- this is the best way to keep costs low as rent in Hong Kong can be insane! Please trust that your intuition will be your guide and let you know which piece resonates with you and your needs. Once in a while, we will pop-up at events, so please stay close to our Instagram for annoucements.

Can I request an exchange or return?

Once orders are shipped, we do not offer exchange or refund. If you are unhappy with your order, please contact us, we will do our best to remedy the situation.