About Us

Welcome. I'm Abella, a lover of crystals.
I believe their beauty can light up any space, and their positive, warm and healing energy is so infectious. Since my teenage years, I've been picking up mineral samples from museum shops, not knowing why I was drawn to them. But in my later years, I've held them through high times and low, always trusting my intuition and holding my crystals close. ​
I am not a healer, merely a student. I believe that spiritual tools each hold a speckle of truth to the universe, and I hope that what you find here will spark a hint of curiosity, make your heart beat, and inspire you to explore a new world.
This is a passion project of mine, an extension of my personal collection. Every piece is intuitively handpicked, and I hope they can spark joy and bring good energy to your home as much as they do mine.
We are based in Hong Kong and ship worldwide to all our crystal friends around the globe. Sending so much love and light.