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Minimis - The Mini's Set

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New to Minimis? Our Mini's is a great way to try out our 4-step skincare routine. Enjoy the same superfood and botanical formulations packed into mini sizes (30ml each)!


M01 The Cleanser
M02 The Hydrator
M03 The Moisturizer
M04 The Rejuvenator

How to use

Cleanse face in the AM and PM with M01 The Cleanser. Follow with M02 The Hydrator, a 2-in-1 toner and serum that's lightweight and hydrating. Give M03 The Moisturizer a good shake to mix our unique facial oil and hydrosol formulation and pat onto skin. For extra hydration, top up with M04 The Rejuvenator to lock in moisture and finish your routine refreshed and nourished.
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