Scorpio Szn Bundle II

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Welcome to the mysterious, transformative Scorpio Season! It is all about relationships, digging deep, moving forward fearlessly and getting completely, divinely re-invent ourselves.

I've handpicked three stones for you to work with during this period:


Mystical, magical and transformative. It is a stone of clarity, destiny and success. Let it help you open your third eye, look for the divine in the dark and have faith in the giving universe.

Black Moonstone

Grounding, feminine and renewing, the stone of New Moon signifies new beginnings, fresh ideas and divine protection. It may strengthen your intuition, induce reflections, and inspire positivity ahead.

Black Obsidian

The stone of protection, black obsidian is highly grounding stone. It could shield you against negativity and keeps you rooted to our mother earth. Remember to cleanse it often!

Note: The set in photo will be the set you receive.

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